The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Report on Xinjiang Is Hypocritical


A Commentary By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In recent times there have been rising tensions between the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China as the US continues to contain China from rising. There is a school of thought that holds the notion that the West is jittery over the rapid development of China and therefore is bent on using various ways of weakening that nation.

On the 2nd August, 2022, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, paid a controversial visit to Taiwan amidst stiff protest from China, sending a wrong signal to the Taiwan separatist forces. Recently, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is marking-up the Taiwan Policy Act of 2022, another serious hollowing of the one China policy. The world has clearly seen the hypocritical nature of the United States and some Western countries.

In the same hypocritical manner, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) recently released the UN Human Rights Report on China’s Xinjiang region in which it accuses China of gross human rights violations.

However, the “report”, which was compiled by certain people by the order of the US and some Western countries, has not got authorization from the UN Human Rights Council and has no credible basis. Therefore, it is a “product with no factual basis, no authority and no credibility”. This “report” and the so-called assessment in particular are merely a patchwork of disinformation and a political tool serving the US and some Western forces to contain China.

According to analysts, the “assessment” is neither objective nor professional and it is totally made to cater for the anti-China forces’ needs to further hype the topics on China’s Xinjiang region.

The report downplays how badly the Xinjiang region had suffered from terrorism and extremism maintaining that any Government in the world should take responsibility in fighting against terrorism to protect local residents.

The “report” was based on testimony from a carefully-selected 40 “interviewees” to jump to the “conclusion” that there are serious human rights violations in Xinjiang. Experts have pointed out that the US and some Western forces offered fund to the OHCHR to deploy remote “monitoring” on some developing countries and made “reviews” or “assessments” on these countries or some regions’ human rights situation by interviewing “victims” or “survivors” or taking dubious pictures.

Therefore, such a “report” seriously violates the mandate of the OHCHR, infringing on the non-political and objective principles. It once again proved that the OHCHR has descended into an enforcer and accomplice of the US and some Western forces against the developing countries.

It has been established that the Xinjiang region has enjoyed economic development with local residents living a happy and stable life in recent years. Foreign diplomats and visitors who visited the Xinjiang region also pointed out that the real Xinjiang is opposite to what the Western media have described.

However, the vicious political scheme by the US and some Western forces to contain China by using the Xinjiang topic is doomed to fail as the Chinese are determined to counter Western propaganda. China stands resolute and will continue to pursue its political and socio-economic policies which it believes have catapulted it to a great nation with shared prosperity.

While China will never succumb to those antics and will continue to resist them with all its might and right, the vast developing countries need to realize that they must stand with China to resist such smearing campaign against China. If some Western powers achieve their goal of humiliating and subjugating China, then they will do whatever they can to bully smaller countries in the future.

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