Sylvia Blyden Finally Expose Current Suspicious Container Reportedly Containing Drugs and New Leone Switched Behind Closed


Sierra Leone’s Popular Politician and Publisher of Awareness Times Newspaper, Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has exposed the suspicious container which is reported to be containing hard drugs and New Leone currency in Freetown through her investigation

She stated Her Investigation findings on Suspicious Container Reportedly Containing Drugs and New Leone

SENSATIONAL EXPOSÉ AS… Contents of Suspected Cocaine Container Switched Behind Closed Gates After All the Journalists had Left Kingtom

Another Maersk Line shipping container completely identical to a suspected Cocaine container has been used to switch the frozen chicken from the suspected container last evening of July 26th, 2022 behind closed gates of Senior Police Officers Mess at Kingtom.

This photo shows the process of the switch during which a very senior Police officer violently chased Awareness Times Newspaper out of the premises for the crime of “staying behind to kongosah” after other journalists has left.

Sierra Leoneans, as you await more details on the crime of “STAYING BEHIND TO KONGOSAH”…, you can analyse the images information accompanying this update and which includes official data from Brazil Police about a container with 37 kilograms of cocaine that was intercepted at the Brazil shipping ports last year on 15th October 2021, already bound for Freetown, Sierra Leone. This shows the movement of Cocaine between Brazil to Freetown in sea containers is not new.

Finally, the Rip-On/Rip-Off method of concealing Cocaine in containers for shipment out of Brazil is also here illustrated as re-published from PROINDE, a top Brazilian Marine Insurance newsletter.

Lots more details soon including a Live Facebook update by Investigative Journalist Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden OOR before the end of today. Cheers

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Wednesday, July 27th, 2022.

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