Sylvia Blyden disclose Outcome of current Suspicious Container Reportedly Containing Drugs and New Leone


Sierra Leone’s Popular Politician and Publisher of Awareness Times Newspaper, Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has discussed the outcome of her investigation on a suspicious container which is reported to be containing hard drugs and New Leone currency in Freetown.

She stated Her Investigation findings on Suspicious Container Reportedly Containing Drugs and New Leone

I sent a very senior and well-experienced journalist from my newspaper to cover the opening of the controversial container shipped from Cocaine-infested Brazil to Sierra Leone. We don’t know what is inside. Loads of journalists including my journalist were at the location at 10 am. After keeping journalists waiting for well over one hour outside the gates under the rain, they finally opened the gates to the Kingdom Senior Police Officers Mess. Fortunately, my Journalist was driving one of the newspaper jeeps so he was not soaked under the rains but many journalists were kept under the rains.

To his credit, Information Minister Hon. Rado Swaray was visibly disturbed at the lackadaisical attitude of the Police and he demanded for the Police to apologize to the Journalists for keeping them waiting so long. I will also share that video of his exchange with the IG of Police with this update in the comments section.

Anyway, the Police have opened the gates but… Only to continue to delay the process by saying they are waiting for firearms experts. The Fire Force team has just arrived now. Over two hours since they said they will open at 10 AM.

Meanwhile, there is NO shipping seal on the container. Only a BRAND NEW shiny padlock is hanging there. This means someone had previously opened the container along the journey between Brazil and Kingtom where it currently is located. Going by the shiny condition of the padlock, it must have been recently placed there… Meaning the container was most likely tampered with already right here inside Sierra Leone and not on the sea journey.

Bottom line, the container has not yet been opened/re-opened(?) for my journalist to report to me what is inside. I will keep you all updated when that happens.

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