Sierra Leone’s Parliament Applauds CEO of Community Health Foundation, Madam Linda Muckson Sesay as Philanthropist


By Rev. Vincent Jabbie Momoh

Members of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on National Social Security and Insurance Trust, NGOs, and INGOs celebrated a young, hardworking diaspora female philanthropist, Madam Linda Muckson Sesay, who is the CEO and founder of Community Health Foundation, for her selfless service in promoting the health sector in Sierra Leone.

In a well-attended parliamentary summon, MPs commended the sacrifice of Madam Lunda Muckson Sesay for directing her earned resources with no financial support towards the construction of 30 beds maternal and child health hospital and also the ongoing construction of a 100 beds state-of-the-art hospital in Mile 91, Tonkolili district.

Over the years, Madam Linda Sesay donated 40 ICU beds and other well-needed medical supplies to complement the efforts of the government in providing quality health services to the people of Sierra Leone.

Whilst speaking to members of the Committee, Madam Linda Mukson Sesay mentioned that the Foundation was established in the USA in 2019 and later registered as an NGO in Sierra Leone in 2020 intending to support the health sector in Sierra Leone.

Madam Linda highlighted to the MPs her strong collaboration with the Ministry of Health which has facilitated the donation of beds and medical supplies. In a very passionate mood, she mentioned her motivation for embarking on this project and thus attributed it to the lack of adequate medical facilities to cater to pregnant women and children in Sierra Leone. Many women indeed die through childbearing and many more children die before they are five years old she elaborated.

As a way of updating on her activities, Madam Sesay, informed the MPs about her completed and functional 30 beds hospital for maternal and child health, and also intimated MPs about the role of the present hospital in providing medical services to over 800 students at the Canadian University of Modern Technology, and also attending to road accidents and other emergencies within the Tonkolili District. She further impressed the MPs with the ongoing construction project of a 100 beds state-of-the-art hospital, which will help boost the health sector and thus reduce the cost for citizens to travel for surgeries overseas.

In response, Hon. Amadu Kanu lauded Madam Linda Sesay for her relentless sacrifice to the people of Sierra Leone. He went further to assure her of Parliaments’ support at all times and urged her to continue the good work. On another hand, Hon. Hassan Sesay commended Madam Sesay for shown exemplary love for her country.

To further add to the ongoing sentiments, the host MP where all this development is taking place, Hon. Aaron Koroma added that he is proud to see a sister from Yoni answering the national call. He reiterated that this gesture will not only benefit the people of Mile 91 but the citizens of Sierra Leone. He noted that Madam Linda Sesay deserved to be celebrated and recognized by the leadership of Parliament and government for her work towards saving humanity. He concluded by thanking Madam Linda for complimenting the effort of the government in the health sector.

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