Sierra Leonean’s Whistleblower Dr. John Idriss Lahai States case between the “people” vs “Mr Jenner Bamike Carlos Forde” of SLIE


By DrJohn Idriss Lahai

The Sierra Leone Institute of Engineers (SLIE).

The case: the “people” vs “Mr Jenner Bamike Carlos Forde” of SLIE.

  1. Mr Forde’s SLIE Membership

I can confirm that “Mr Jenner Bamike Carlos Forde” (see his photos) is a member of your institute — The Sierra Leone Institute of Engineers (SLIE).
His SLIE Corporate Registration Number is 1286. He is No. 53 on your SLIE Corporate list of REGISTERED CORPORATE MEMBERS FOR 2021. Meaning: He is a paid up member, and on this list in question he his listed under the “Mining Engineering category.” I will publish the list of all registered SLIE members (both REGISTERED CORPORATE MEMBERS and REGISTERED GRADUATE MEMBERS) if you want me to do so — for our people to see that I am saying the truth regarding his membership.

  1. Mr Forde’s Educational Background

I have investigated his alleged Bachelor’s degree in construction Management which he claimed he got from University of Costa Rica. Interestingly, while the University of Costa Rica cannot verify this bachelor’s degree, he used it (his Costa Rica degree) to enroll for an MBA degree at IPAM. He graduated already.

Let it be known that (even if his Bachelor’s degree was real) his degrees (BSc and MBA) are in the field of business management — not engineering. That said, let us focus on what matters. His SLIE membership. SLIE is for people with at least one pure and applied engineering degree. Mr Forde’s alleged Bachelor’s degree is construction management, which is NOT an engineering degree. It is a business management qualification (that is, if it is not a forged degree certificate he is using in Sierra Leone).

  1. Mr Forde’s SLIE Licenses to practice as an Engineer.

Mr Forde studied management for his bachelor (allegedly) and business administration for his masters, yet you (SLIE) inducted him into your highly respected institute of engineers.

Here are two of the unforgivable mistakes made by SLIE:

(a) you registered Mr Forde as a mining Engineer, and,

(b), you gave him the licence to practice as a Civil Engineer (which is not the same as mining engineering for which a license was issued by SLIE).

Because of his SLIE membership, SLIE license and SLIE’s failure to do due diligence (failing to verify the authenticity of his bachelor degree), Mr Forde is/was involved in several major government projects; projects that affect the welfare and safety of the people of Sierra Leone.

Examples of the projects Mr Forde is/was involved in are/were:

(a) The renovation of Bunumbu College (this project is one of the largest projects of the Government of Sierra Leone, with foreign donor funding);

(b) The rehabilitation of the Bank of Sierra Leone.

(c) many other Government infrastructure projects. Some of which he is still answering questions at the ACC.

  1. My questions (regarding the consequences of the misrepresentation of Mr Forde’s education):

(1) Why did you (SLIE) register Mr Forde as a mining engineer?

(2) You registered him under the “mining engineer” category, but his SLIE license is for him to practice in another discipline called civil engineering?

(2) On Vicarious Liability: Let us assume that since he is not a trained and qualified engineer, the construction projects he (Mr Forde) is working on (or have worked on) may hurt someone (an end-user). Who do we hold responsible? I will say, you (SLIE). SLIE will be held responsible (under vicarious liability) for any harm that occurs from the engineering work done by Mr Forde.

I await your response.

I remain,
Dr John Idriss Lahai

The person in question Mr Jenner Bamike Carlos Forde of SLIE
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