Sierra Leonean Writer Portrays Vickie Remoe in a Positive Light


A writer by the name of Memuna Konteh has profiled Vickie Remoe far reaching portfolio and explored her many endeavors in which she stated that Vickie believes strongly that the media should reflect “the truth about a place” saying how the podcast is not the only medium she uses to further her mission of spreading positive truths about Sierra Leone.

She narrated how Vickie has several adjacent projects including her children’s books, ‘Adama Loves Akara’ and ‘A Print for Amie’ and is also founder of the Swit Salone blog which curates and reports on current affairs and events making the country’s cultural and political happenings accessible to all. According to her, the blog receives over one million hits a year.

Memuna furthered that outside of those endeavours, the multi-faceted presenter, writer, and host runs a marketing company which helps African businesses and organizations promote themselves in exciting and authentic ways further revealing how Vickie is very vocal on social media and is among the most prominent voices on ‘Salone Twitter’.

She ended up quoting Vickie Remoe: “If you do a Google search on Sierra Leone, most of the content feeds into what I like to call the development agenda… the narrative online is almost completely focused on our failures. When people look up our country, I don’t want them to just think about poverty and health care and all these social issues, I want [the content] to tell the truth about art and culture and history and dance.”

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