Sick Pikin Project Intervenes to Save 7 Years Old Senesie Lusanie As He Is Suffering from a Strange Illness


By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Senesie Lusanie is an orphan residing with his grandma, Mariama Lusanie, in Yargoi, Moi Maligie Section, Imperi Chiefdom within Bonthe District.

He is 7 years old and attended the Catholic Primary School in Yargoi and was in Class One before his unfortunate condition.

Senesie lost both parents in a recent sea accident that happened along the Yargoi and Mo-Maria Coast.

A sickness he is presently suffering from developed two months ago when the grandmother noticed a slight swelling in his lower jaw. A few days later, the grandmother took him to the health center nearby for treatment. But because the swelling was not severe at that time he was given some antibiotic medications.

After two weeks the situation began to get worse and the grandmother was worried and took him to another relative in Jong Chiefdom for help but unfortunately, his condition did not improve, so Luseni was returned to Yargoi.

On Tuesday 6th September 2022 a teacher who saw the sad state of Luseni visited the grandma and saw the poor boy’s condition. He immediately took pictures of him and floated it on social media as the staffers at the Healthcare facility in Yargoi had informed the grandma that there is a need for her to take her grandson to another facility either in Mattru Jong or to Bonthe but the poor grandma was unable to meet even the transport cost.

The matter was brought to the attention of the Lead Campaigner of The Sick Pikin Project International who immediately organized his team for a snappy review and recommended actions to be taken.

The discussion was held with the medical team at ODCH Children’s oncology ward and they have generously agreed to receive Luseni and do all they can to help him.

This medium was informed that transport was provided for the boy and another relative to travel to Freetown on Tuesday 13th September 2022.
Watch this space to get an update on Luseni. Remember this is a mission you can be part of. Just call or message +23276722736 or +23276793010 or send a message via Facebook messenger or via the website on
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