Second Traumatic Message From king Boss La


Thank GOD for my LIFE.
It’s a long WALK to freedom, but freedom is coming. I pray for unity, freedom and justice in our beloved Sierra Leone.

I am an innocent person. I did not commit any crime. Trust me and believe in me.

I am sending thanks and appreciation to my family, my good friends, entertainers, human rights organisations, media and everyone for the support. I am grateful. 🙏

I call on all my people to calm down and continue to keep the peace. The case is now in court and so I encourage everyone to respect the court and the rule of law.

For the records, I wish to state the following:

1) Foremost, I am a peaceful Sierra Leonean. I love my beautiful country. I love and respect everyone and every tribe. We are one people. I have friends and family from all tribes. I am part of the UNITED SIERRA LEONE movement , and so I like to embrace all tribes. I cannot go against any tribe. NEVER!

2) I appreciate the support from everyone. However, I am disappointed and upset that certain people maybe using my situation to score political points. This is wrong.

3) I condemn the action of those who maybe using my name for personal agenda or politics or maybe sending negative messages to certain people in society. This is not right.

4) I am not a politician and never being part of any polical party. I have never registered for any political party and I don’t have any identity card. Never requested an application form from any polical party or political association.

5) I am an artiste. All I do is what I love (music). I have been an entertainer in this country since 2009 when I released the “Money Na Bank” song. I love my music. I love my fans.

6) My freedom, wellbeing and safety are most important. TOP PRIORITY. If you love me (LAJ) and care about my life, then please don’t fight or insult anyone in my name. I am the one in prison and don’t want to stay in prison. I want freedom. I also want freedom for my family and friends in prison. I am saddened by their situation.

7) I have instructed my lawyers Madieu Sesay Esq, Ishmael Philip Mammie Esq and the international human rights Lawyer Melron Nicol-Wilson Esq to provide legal representation and to help resolve this matter peacefully. The Sierra Leone Legal Resources Centre (LRC) is also supporting me. I appreciate all the lawyers who are supporting me.

If you want to support or get any information about me, please do contact my lawyers directly who are authorised to speak on my behalf.

I pray that this matter is resolved soon. I have nothing against anyone. We are humans. We are not perfect. I have forgiven all those who may have offended me in the past and now. I also ask for your forgiveness. Let’s come together and work together. I have a positive mind. I trust in God. My life is most important and is top priority. So don’t worry.

Very much look forward to coming out from prison soon.

Please continue to vote for my own
Francis MO Conteh #23 Karafilo in the Housemates Salone reality show. I don’t want to let him down. Please support me to support him.

NOTE : I am not allowed to use a phone in prison and so this message has been dictated by me
through my trusted team. I have the free will and approve for this message to be released on all my official platforms.

Thank you.
God bless.

Alhaji Amadu Bah aka LAJ.


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