Orange SL Launches Catalogue of Cloud Services


By Millicent Senava Mannah

One of the leading telecommunications companies operating in Sierra Leone, Orange SL in it’s desire to support companies in their digital transformation has launched it’s catalogue of cloud services. Enterprises which are customers of the company can now benefit from the IT infrastructure and data backup services in Orange’s secure datacenter.

As they are simple to use, the offers will allow Orange SL customers to be more agile in the development of their businesses and enhance their competitiveness. The company is also available to customers for personalised support.

The offers are: Virtual Server which are quickly deployable for IT development or application hosting. This new and secure platform facilitates the deployment of business entities’ IT Projects.

Another is the Virtual Datecenter which has a set of computer resources to host an entire information system. It is a secured cloud infrastructure that allows someone to calmly manage the deployment of information systems.

There is also a Back up as a Service which easily and automatically save data in the Orange Secure Cloud. That solution allows someone or a business entity to backup and restore the data of their servers and workstations as needed.

The Physical Server Hosting provides safe and secure space for individuals or business entities physical “hardware” infrastructures in Orange SL’s Secure Datacenter.

For more information, contact or call +23273420420

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