Orange Money & Higher Education Ministery Enters into Partnership for University Fees Payment


By Millicent Senava Mannah

Orange Money, an appendage of Orange Sierra Leone, has on the 14th June 2022 entered into a partnership agreement with the University of Sierra Leone and the Ministry of Tertiary and Higher Education to officially launch a scheme for the payment of University fees during a Press Conference that was held at the company’s Headquarter on Hill Station.

Stating the purpose of the meeting, one of the officials of Orange Money, Abibatu Baxter, stated that it is one of her happiest days and a wonderful moment after surmounting various challenges.

She informed the audience that they are about to partner with the Ministry of Tertiary and Higher Education for students to be using Orange Money to pay their University fees maintaining that it will be an easy access or route for the students to do so.

The Chief Executive Officer of Orange Money, David Mansaray, informed members of the Press that they’ve come a very long way to reach at this final point stating that he is very excited about partnership agreement.

He furthered that the partnership will ease the constraints for students in Universities to pay their fees disclosing how it is most times very difficult for students to stand in queues at Banks just in a bid to pay their fees.

The CEO continued that the new system will enhance transparency in the payment of fees maintaining that they are not only digitalizing the payment process but also making it easy for the students.

He concluded by thanking the Ministry of Tertiary and Higher Education and all others who did their best to see that dream become a reality.

Gilbert Cooper, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, highlighted some of the platforms that they have put in place for students to get quick access to their books via the E-Learning system and how the Orange Money University fee payment will help students.

He said the Ministry has provided a learning management for students across the country, using the E-Learning system, maintaining that it is an opportunity for students to take classes and study online.

He continued that with the learning management system and the new fees payment system, through Orange Money, such will be advantageous for students in Universities.

He expressed optimism that students will be able to understand the importance of the Orange Money University fees payment system and how it will benefit them.

Martha Sumaila, an official of the telecommunications company thanked Orange Money and the University of Sierra Leone for the partnership and hoped that the relationship will continue, stressing that the platform is not only for students attending the University of Sierra Leone but all other Universities across the country, including Unimak, Unimtech etc.

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