My boys of News_Mogul, breaking barriers and embracing quality agenda setting.


By Sheku Putka Kamara

I was still a Lecturer and Director of Marketing at the then Canadian University of Modern Technology, now Central University in Mile 91 when Allieu Jalloh aka Zamani (now, a Final Year Mass Communication Student) and Alhassan Bangura aka Shykudeden (Year Three) met me at the office one sunny afternoon. They had a plan of creating a website and a blog. The dream is big. They needed thorough guidance and since I used to create a lot of time for almost all my students, they wanted me to help with some editing aspects too. I hardly turndown my students more so where positivity is manifest in the deliberations. To cut a long story short, I granted Shyku and Zamani the go-ahead and so before I knew it, they were already setting the agendas.

Aside the web page, they also run a Facebook page and a blog. They were quick to share every news I was penning down on our University. That was a huge strategy they used to get contents. In my Writing for Mass Media Lectures, I have always stressed the need for source consideration and surely, Alhassan and Jalloh understand that assignment. I have always elaborated on the significance of quotations and attributions. This is what guarantees uniques and professionalism. Today, because information is found almost everywhere, chances are not everyone will have the urge and desire to doing things that are right and appreciable.

Agenda Setting is a laudable aspect of the media, but when doing same, rightist perspectives have to be taken into consideration. First, I always tell people that if the news is not factual, forget it. You know that what you’re saying is incorrect, why would you still set the agenda? This is why professional traits are very important. In what we do (Media), the theoretical and experimental/practical dispositions should go hand-in-hand.

The good thing about News Mogul is that all of my students that are into its promulgation are practically and theoretically oriented. Most if not all of them are studying Mass Communication and with the numerous opportunities, teachings and mentorships that HoD Sulaiman Mansaray, Lecturer Abubakarr Bundu, Ms. Mamadi Khonte and now Mr. Handel Mac-Williams set, things will continue to get better and brighter.

Whenever I talk and or write about topics of this nature, my research instinct will likely touch on comparative narrations. There are a whole lot of entities these days (be it individuals and or groups) that will publish or broadcast contents that are not theirs and still fail to accredit the originator (s). Whatever happens to quality referencing and clearer accreditation. This is why as we continue to push in the attainment of best practices and policies, more has to be done. What is right is right and that which is wrong is wrong. I do not have to overemphasize this.

So, without spending hours to speak on this, let me quickly drop these lines here. To Allieu, Alhassan and the rest of team, I am proud of what they do and surely, they’d keep progressing. To those wishing and or already doing something similar, professionalism matters. The other day, I wrote about how Sallu Kamuskay of Salone Messenger is doing another amazing job. These young guys need every form of support available. It’d go a long way. Journalism is beautiful when it is carried out in line with acceptable standards.

Kudos to all of the guys

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