Musician King Boos La Thanks Everyone For Wishing Him Happy Birthday During His Difficult Time


Thank u to every supporter, I will like to send a big hug to my loving and caring father Mr. Ibrahim Bah thank u for raising a fighter and a leader thank u for showing me everything and making me Alhaji Amadu Bankareya Bah even if I’m not around the world will still gat ur back.

To the rest of my family, my brothers and sisters my favorite aunties Tanty Jarai and Fatmata also Mariamba respect to u all and I appreciate for all that you’ve done for my family and to my uncles Mr. Saidu, Alhassan, Amadu Bah, Pete Sorie and Kortor borbor and to my sisters. Lol palaba mate Tubah, Double TT.

My kid’s Fatima Bah, Emani Bah, and Sofia Binta Bah I love u all endlessly.
Special thanks to my Huda may Allah reward you for all your strength and power you invested in through my trials I’ve never doubted your love and effort towards building a family together I love u and I believe one day we will reunite again.
I will also like to thank my legal team for their endless support towards my freedom, to my friends and fans thank u all It’s breaks my heart to see my brothers and sisters locked up because of me its shows how much they love and care for me basically we’re in this together Allah we surely give us the justice we deserve.
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Housemate #23 TTD.

God bless y’all stay peaceful and stay positive Kong Gaba I’ll be ok

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