Mohamed Gento Kamara Will Be the People’s Soldier when he Emerges as FCC Mayor


By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Contemporary Sierra Leone politics is evident of certain structural changes to such an extent that stereotypical notions which were once true in the past no longer hold sway. The fading away of political strongholds of the two major political parties, the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) and the All People’s Congress (APC) Party, is becoming much pronounced as the two are gaining footholds in areas in which they were exclusively not previously welcomed.

The same situation obtains for the contest of the Mayoral Seat for the Freetown City Council (FCC), a seat once considered to be the main preserve for the creoles but now, in recent times, indigenes belonging to other ethnic groups have been contesting for that same position.

Against this backdrop, it was welcome news to many, according to an intense investigation conducted by this medium that Mohamed Gento Kamara, popularly known as Gento, has decided to contest for the Mayoral Seat of the Freetown City Council in the forthcoming General Elections slated to take place in 2023.

According to a Political Science Lecturer at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, good leadership is not determined by the ethnic grouping one belongs to or as a result of certain historical antecedents, like what makes the creoles think they should have the God given right to head the FCC.

What also came out glaringly in the investigation undertaken by this medium was that the vast majority of the residents of Freetown have profoundly expressed the conviction that Mohamed Gento Kamara has all what it takes for him to be a very good Mayor of the Freetown metropolis.

Some maintain the view that Mohamed Gento Kamara is a household name not only earned from his impressive “handiwork” on the Hill Cut Road which his road construction company, Gento Group, rehabilitated and brought i up to standard but also as a result of his philanthropic gestures.

Others have even argued that as a matter of fact Gento is more popular because of his generosity, his good gestures to humanity than for his engineering skills.

There is a school of thought which believes that for an individual who once disclosed that when he was in the UK he learnt generosity and the importance of serving communities and how when he returned to Sierra Leone he continued helping others and even spread that mentality to the people around him adding how unlike in the UK, there are many more people here who need help, then we are talking of someone with a heart of pure gold.

Traders on Rawdon Street in Freetown intimated this medium that when in this country we talk of someone who willingly steps out to render positive contributions in order to restore normalcy during times of emergencies like when Ebola, Mudslide disaster and COVID-19 struck, unreservedly allowing the use of his equipment and providing succour to victims then of course that person is indeed capable of effectively leading.

The traders pointed out that it is their candid belief that if the social and economic situation of this country must change then we must have persons who are capable of beginning to change the lives of individuals maintaining that Mohamed Gento Kamara has those innate qualities.

When a cross section of commercial drivers were engaged at the Texaco Park at Kissy in Freetown sounding their views of what they make of Gento vying for the Mayoral Seat, most of them stated that he is indeed fit for the position. They unanimously underscored that for an individual to provide employment for over one thousand people, honouring his tax obligations speaks volumes of how responsible Mohamed Gento Kamara is.

One of them jokingly stated that when it comes to cleaning the city then such could be an easy walk over as the Gento Group equipment will be readily available to be used in cleaning exercises thereby saving money that will be used to hire them.

A Social Commentator of long standing repute argued that knowing Mohamed Gento Kamara as someone who believes very strongly in ethics, discipline and dedication, further revealing how he considers himself as a very dedicated person, such will make him a very good leader. He argued that with the widespread lawlessness that permeates the city’s life he believes we need someone who is good at infusing the sense of adherence to the tenets of the law and Mohamed Gento Kamara has demonstrated that and he is capable of rolling such out in the city.

He continued that Gento highly believes in teamwork and is someone who has maintained a high sense of commitment from the genesis of his business emphasizing that such has obviously produced great results and meaningfully impacted lives. Those, he averred, are leadership qualities that Sierra Leoneans should look for in individuals that are vying for political positions.

It therefore came as no surprise that the First Lady, Fatima Maada Bio, stated on her Facebook page that Mohamed Gento Kamara is the People’s Soldier and is someone she has known way before becoming the First Lady of this great nation as a friend and brother and that she knows when he is determined to see change for the good of the people he always stands tall and makes it happen.

Indeed as the First Lady succinctly puts it, in sync with the views that have been expressed by many, of Gento’s ambition to become the next Mayor of Freetown City Council, it is a timely move as he is going to be the true gem of the City of Freetown.
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