Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the Milton Margai Technical University, Philip John Kanu, (PhD) has on Monday, 20th June 2022, conducted on the spot tour to students in their different lecture rooms at the Goderich Campus, to inform them about the upcoming Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa project (BADEA) and other issues that have to do with their welfare.

The Vice Chancellor and Principal, informed the students that, perhaps they won’t be around when the construction project would commence but in case they were, the university might need their support morally by accepting to use temporary lecture rooms to take lectures until the project is completed. They would be rehabilitating all hostels, administrative buildings for all the three campuses, the lecture rooms in all the three capuses, laboratories and workshop buildings, staff quarters etc and also construct new buildings and an Amphitheatre at the Goderich Campus for a better learning environment, he informed the students.

He furthered that, a suggestion box was going to be introduced around campus, which would allow students to report on issues that they might be on edge with and also a means to proffer/advise the administration on matters concerning them, adding that, the suggestion box was highly confidential which would protects them because their identity was not known and advise them to be specific on the issue rather than generalizing it.

He also made known to the students that lecturers were supposed to make available course outline to them and also present to them their examination scripts, not for them to take home but, in case they challenge the exams/grades that would be their alibi. The exams scripts would also informed them where they went wrong, let them learn from their mistakes and placed them to understand how students could answer similar questions, he stated.

Students were also informed about the students’ forum, an honour given to them by the Vice-Chancellor to have a one-on-one conversation on issues affecting them.
The Vice Chancellor and Principal noted that his office door is always open to them and if they are unable to reach him in the office; they could send him message on his number as he is always ready to listen to them.

He informed them about the payment of fees, noting that, they won’t be allowed to write the second semester exams if they failed to pay before time, he noted.

He ended by appealing with the students to take good care of the university properties, noting that it’s difficult at the moment to access money thus they had to take proper care of the furniture.
He asked them to be good citizens by reporting anyone they see destroying them.

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