Milton Margai Technical University has on Thursday 26th May 2022 received a donation from Codix Health Care Limited at the Vice Chancellor’s office, Goderich Campus.

Codix donated a standard F200 Fluorescent Immunoassay (FIA) analyser which can be used to diagnose fifty-three different kinds of conditions in:
Cardiology, Oncology & Endocrinology (Troponin I, NT-proBNP, D-dimer, CK-MB, PSA, HbA1C, U-Albumin, TSH, T4, fT4, Procalcitonin (PCT), CRP, Covid-19, Influenza Ag, RSV, HCV, and much more.

In his remark, the Country Director of Codix Mr. Segun Aderemi, thanked the institution for the good work they were doing, noting that; Codix will do anything in its power to continue to give support to the university.
He furthered that, the medical device donated would be of good service to help improve the institution’s health care system, stating that, they were going to provide free service by learning people how to use the equipment.
VERI-Q and Lipido Care were also part of the items donated.

Donation done by Codix Health Care Limited at the Vice Chancellor’s office, Goderich Campus.

The Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Dr. Philip John Kanu (Associate Professor) thanked Codix Health Care for their continued support to the university.
Dr. Kanu furthered that, as a country; we were not paying attention to the sciences which he said were the bedrock for any development in this modern time.
“Milton Margai Technical University started as a small institution but the aim is to expand it as one of the leading Technical institutions in Sierra Leone and Africa.
Having that kind of ambition requires citizens who are willing within and outside of the country to give their support to such a course. My dream is to see Milton Margai Technical University becomes the hub for all other Technical and Vocational institutions in Sierra Leone and beyond. We can’t talk about supporting the middle-level manpower without having a strong and equipped laboratory base,” Dr. Kanu affirmed.

He added that trainees from the institution were performing excellently outside which he said is a result of the required technical skills they learned from the institution, noting that with such equipment provided by codix, it was going to help the health centre with better service delivery to students and the community.

He informed Codix that, the institution was working to have accreditation from the Medical and Dental Council for the health care facility to certify their work. He ended by assuring Codix that the equipment donated would be utilized for the right purpose.

Donation done by Codix Health Care Limited at the Vice Chancellor’s office, Goderich Campus.

Director of Research Dr Sankoh, whilst giving the vote of thanks, expressed gratitude to Codix for the donation, adding that the laboratory at the institution was the best in the country with modern equipment.
“The device donated is going to be utilised for the benefit of the students, the community people and the country as a whole,” he ended.
A few months ago, Codix also donated other medical devices to the institution as part of their continued support.

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