Magistrate Hadiru Daboh Discourages Desperate Lawyers from Making Bail Applications


By Amin Kef (Ranger)

It was a very interesting court sitting in Court No. 3 on Ross Road in the East End of Freetown, on the 5th September, 2022 when Magistrate Hadiru Daboh ,in a no non-sense manner, stoutly refused to entertain eleven (11) desperate lawyers from making bail applications for 14 accused persons who were standing trial before his court for their involvement in the August 10th, 2022 violent protests that occurred in the East End of Freetown.

The 14 accused persons were: Alhassan Kamara, Mohamed Sesay, Timoty Kamara, Mohamed Ibrahim Mansaray, Shadrack Williams, David Joe Lavalie, Gibril Sawaneh, Talton Ndawoma Thoma, John Lamin, Augustine Kokofele, N’fah Bangura, Alfred Kabba, Gibrilla Turay and Ibrahim Sesay.

On the other hand, the lawyers whose attempts at bail application were thwarted by the sternness of Magistrate Hadiru Daboh were: S. Campbell-Esq, S. Sankoh-Esq, A. I Karim- Esq, A. O Gbla- Esq, A. B Kamara- Esq, I. Turay-Esq, R. S Bangura, C. Kabbia-Esq, M. Rashid- Esq, M. Massaquoi- Esq and S. M Gbobongto- Esq.

The matter, which was prosecuted by Sergeant 8534 Sesay G, was adjourned to the 12th September, 2022.

It could be recalled that on the 10th August, 2022 when violent protests erupted in some parts in the East End of Freetown, in Makeni and Kamakwie, there were arrests made by the Police of those allegedly accused of actively unleashing acts of violence on that day.

The 14 accused persons fall within those that the Police arrested and charged to court on various counts of offences contrary to the Public Order Act.
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