The Liberia Football Association (LFA) has graduated another badge of beginner coaches and issued them a Level 1 Certificate, the first of five stages in the coaching ladder on the continent.

The three-day training which was held from 7-9 July lasted a total of 24 hours at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) and participants learned four fundamental ways (technical, tactical, mental, and physical) of building a football player.

The beginner coaching course was conducted and sponsored by the LFA and facilitated by local Coaching Instructor Robert Lartey (CAF A Certificate) who was ably assisted by another local instructor, Euphemia Wilson (CAF B Certificate) after which 30 coaches were certified.

The Level 1 Course has concluded just as the LFA is currently shepherding a CAF License C Course for nearly 60 participants in three different modules (phases).

Following the end of the first phase on Friday, 15 July, the second phase is in August and the concluding phase in September.

Meanwhile, registration of LD5,000 for License D, a prerequisite to License C which starts shortly is currently ongoing in the Finance Office of the LFA.

The LFA has been embarking on all these coaching programs to improve the quality of Liberia football by ensuring the country has more young knowledgeable managers who are formally educated in the game.

These programs are going to increase the combined number of licensed and certified coaches in Liberia by more than 100%, a staggering figure and no doubt, a statement of intent by this administration of football.

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