Lawyer Ady Macauley Enters The Race For All People Congress (APC) National Secretary General Position


By Alfred Kamanda Esq.

My good friend Ady Macauley enters the race and makes it quite difficult for his APC Comrade Dumbuya! The pen of any of the two major parties must be held by men or women who are “strong” without and within their parties. We want to see more fine gentlemen and women enter into our politics to make it finer.

He was Anti-Corruption Commissioner during the exit days of the Koroma administration and Served in the same capacity during the early days of the Bio Regime. so we expect men like him to inject radical and progressive changes within the APC if he wins this position. We don’t expect less from him. We expect transparent and accountable leadership from men like him. Off course, we will show no mercy in holding him accountable if he falters.

We expect him to join other young people who are progressive leaders to demolish all undemocratic structures within the APC and build and strengthen the existing democratic pillars within the party.

Sylvia Olayinka Blyden will continue to be the trailblazer for transformative leadership within Siaka Stevens’ APC party. Thanks for leading the way when it comes to constructive criticism and constructive opposition. Are troway salute mama.

The best of our men should see reason to join the body politic of our country to help sanitize it! Effecting changes from within is one of the surest ways to ending bad leadership. The aphorism still holds true that “if the competent becomes unavailable, the available becomes competent. When we have the best within political parties we are certain of the very best within the governance system especially for a country where persons are rewarded base on the role they played before, during and after elections.

Ade, I wish you the very best and please be prepared to face the SLPP Scribe Umaru Napoleon Koroma. He is a battle tested leader… I can’t wait to follow the debates and read the different press releases.

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