In Celebrating IDD 2022 YaDA-SL to Hold Youth Driven Dialogue Conference on Democracy


By Amin Kef-Ranger

In celebrating International Day of Democracy 2022, which is celebrated in September every year as an opportunity to review the state of democracy in the world, the Youth Alliance for Democracy and Accountability Sierra Leone (YaDA-SL), a registered non-governmental youth led Civil Society Organization working towards the promotion of democracy, accountability, human rights, good governance and peace in order to bring long term change and sustainable development in the county is poised to host its 1st National High-Level Youth Driven Dialogue Conference on the “Consolidation of Democracy 2022”.

The Two day Conference ,which is scheduled to take place on the 14th & 15th September, 2022, is geared towards supporting the Government of Sierra Leone to strengthen institutions and processes that are more responsive to the needs of ordinary citizens, including the poor, as well as to promote sustainable development.

Speaking to this medium, the Executive Director of Youth Alliance for Democracy and Accountability Sierra Leone (YaDA-SL), Foday Moriba Conteh, revealed that the conference is an important opportunity for past and current leaders, institutions and civil society activists to collectively renew their commitment and efforts to build democratic constitutional rule and importantly to counter democratic backsliding in the country.

He maintained that the upcoming event will include current and former political leaders, representatives, civil society activists and academics, who will be engaged in discussions on how to support and have respect for constitutional rule across the country and how to strengthen political discourse in favor of strengthening democracy in the country.

He pointed out that the high level dialogue on the consolidation of democracy will stimulate debate on the topic among politicians, diplomats, representatives of civil society organizations and the media especially on how to strengthen democracy in the country.

The Executive Director disclosed that beneficiaries of the conference will include: Democracy Experts, Politicians and Practitioners, Diplomats, Current and Former Political Leaders, Civil Society Activists, Religious Leaders, Women Leaders, Disabled Groups, the Media, Academics, University Students etc. and they will be drawn from the 16 districts of the country.

He concluded that as part of their preparation for the conference they are pleased to announce that the organization has officially launched its online delegates registration for members of the public who intend to attend the conference.

Foday said that members of the public who intend to attend the conference should access the delegates registration form using the attached link…/1FAIpQLSfvEOPhZe5…/viewform… And for more information call or WhatsApp or call +23276482358 or email:

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