“I Have Deployed My Investigative Skills & Can Confirm The Container Is An Extra-High 40-Feet Container & The Accompanying Ship Is called SEASPAN LOGA.” DR. SYLVIA OLAYINKA BLYDEN



Most of you have heard about the sensational container that is being guarded by soldiers and policemen (photos of container is to credit of C4D/TIMES-SL). There are all kinds of names being alleged to be involved with allegations of contraband drugs and counterfeit money in the suspicious container. Gunshots also alleged to have been fired.

Now, my duty this morning is to update you all in my capacity as one of the country’s most senior investigative journalists and also as one of Sierra Leone’s most trusted, patriotic senior citizens.

This update is not as a politician but as an Officer of the Order of the Rokel who was identified by late H.E. President Kabbah for my outstanding work as a Journalist, my trustworthiness as a citizen and a Patriot of the Highest Order possible.

First of all, I want to commend all those (especially the Youths!!) who kept an all-night vigil from last night to this morning and have followed the suspicious container until it reaches Kingtom Police Mess now. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your patriotism.

Now, I have deployed my investigative skills and can confirm the container is an extra-high 40-feet container which is a Reefer. Also, this photo of a ship accompanying this write-up is a ship called SEASPAN LOGA.

SEASPAN LOGA is the ship that brought that container yesterday (July 22nd) to Freetown. It took the container from Morocco this Sunday (July 17th) at around 4pm and sailed straight to Freetown with it.

However, here is the interesting aspect. This container ORIGINALLY came from Brazil (Santa Catarina) with a clear destination of Freetown and not Morocco. It however transited in Morocco for reasons that may be due to ease of trans-shipment.

Anyway, this container left Brazil on board a totally different ship called CMA CGM RHONE in very early morning hours of 4:20am on June 26th 2022. That ship sailed from Brazil to Port Tangier, Morocco where it discharged the container on July 9th 2022.

Another noteworthy point that my investigations have uncovered is that the container actually entered the Ports in Brazil on June 11th 2022 but spent over two weeks there at the ports in Brazil before it finally left on the CGM Ship. This means it may have been actually loaded with whatever is now inside it, right there at the ports in Brazil.

Anyway, the container, originally loaded in Brazil, arrives in Morocco, stays in Morocco for 8 days until this Sunday when it was put on the SEASPAN LOGA ship and brought to Sierra Leone. The container arrived on board SEASPAN LOGA yesterday and was removed from the ship at 4:30pm yesterday evening.

This is my update so far.

Hope my investigative findings can place the issue in better perspective. If it is drugs on board, then the drugs came from Brazil and/or Morocco (where the container transited). If it is counterfeit money, same thing. However, since the Tangier Ports in Morocco is mostly a trans-shipment port, then 99% chance is that absolutely everything inside that container originally came from Brazil.

God bless the Patriotic Sierra Leone citizens and God bless Sierra Leone.

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