Fuel Your Vehicle with NP Smart Card In Bo, Makeni, Kenema, Moyamba, Mile 91, Western Area Rural And More


By Amin Kef – Ranger

The National Petroleum-Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) is an indigenous petroleum importing and marketing company, owned by thirty-five Sierra Leoneans, that has over the years grown to become a towering entity with branches in neighbouring Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and the Gambia. Out of sound managerial initiatives, the company has been providing qualitative services to its numerous customers within the country and the West African sub-region in a professional way to the utmost satisfaction of many to such an extent that it earned the covetous accolade of being 1st for Customer Care.

As a dynamic business entity, the Shareholders and Management of the company have always been keen to move with modern trends in as much as fusing such in its daily operations will give utmost satisfaction and make transactions very convenient for dealers as well as customers. It was along such a line of thinking that sometime in the distant past the use of the NP Smart Card was introduced. This is a card with an inbuilt memory chip, which could be credited or “topped up” just like a sim card in a mobile phone and once that is done it becomes ready to use or functional.

Based on the amount of money the holder of the NP Smart Card credits will determine the amount of fuel that could be bought when the card is slotted into a Smart Card POS at a particular Filling or Gas Station. The holder of the NP Smart Card is at liberty to demand the quantity of fuel he or she wishes to procure. From time to time, the holder will credit the NP Smart Card, ready for the next purchase. Simply put, it is a cashless way of conducting transactions at NP Filling Stations.

Although the NP Smart Card has been in vogue for quite a while now, however, the Smart Card POS was not available or found at all NP-SL Ltd operational Gas or Filling Stations in the country.

The good news now is that the Management of the multiple-award winning petroleum business entity has facilitated the installation of Smart Card POS at various Filling Stations in Bo, Makeni, Kenema, Moyamba, Mile 91, Western Area Rural etc… Customers can now conveniently procure fuel in various Filling Stations across the country by using NP Smart Card. They do no longer have to go through the hassle of having to move around with huge physical cash meant for the purpose of procuring fuel. Moving around with big cash is in itself a risk as there is the tendency of armed attacks.

Besides, it is very advantageous for big entities like construction companies, some of whom Managements had been having issues with dishonest drivers who will prefer not to buy the exact amount of fuel for which money was given. With the NP Smart Card, it tells exactly what has been deducted and what is remaining.

Another important advantage is that holders of the NP Smart Card can properly plan their fuel budget. An individual will decide that he or she will credit the NP Smart Card to last over a certain period, for example the first, second and third purchases which will help in avoiding gaps and inconveniences.

With the same aim of making things very convenient for its esteemed customers the company is also retailing a gas cooker known as NP Gas. This device or gadget, it has been certified, is not only environmental friendly but is very quick in terms of high performance. Gas that is used to refill any NP Gas falls among the petroleum products that the company imports and markets which make it advantageous to possess. From feedback, it is quick, fast and clean far much better to use than charcoal which emits poisonous emissions. They come in different sizes and sold at affordable prices at all NP designated Filling or Gas Stations.

Make use of the NP Smart Card now for your convenience and enjoy the experience.

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