Former Vice President Alhaji Chief Samuel Sam Sumana Shared Congratulations Message to Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara.


On behalf of our leadership, the entire SAM-23 family thank the leadership of the All Peoples Congress (APC) party for reinstating our leader and comrade Alhail Chief Samuel Sam Sumana back to the APC family. He was born APC and will die APC which he still holds true to this day.

It has been a very bumpy journey for him and all those affected trying to return to their great APC party of origin. We now take comfort by thanking God Almighty for everything – because to Him belongs the glory.

In this same spirit, our leader and the entire SAM-23 family would also like to congratulate Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara for securing the Flagbearer position of the APC party through the recently concluded National Delegates Conference (NDC) in Makeni. Our leader and all of us wish him and the newly elected executives well as we look forward to working with them to secure victory come June 24th this year for our glorious party. As we extend our congratulations to all other persons who won the various lower levels and national positions in our party, we indulge on them to serve with diligence and with the fear of God Almighty in their hearts for the good of the membership and the party in general.

Although we are aware of some reported challenges in the recent electioneering process of electing the delegates that participated in our recently concluded NDC; it is our understanding that some comrades have sought legal intervention through the court system. While we respect their right to justice through legal means, we want to humbly implore them to reconsider such action(s) and drop all litigation (s) in the interest of our party and for our victory in the forthcoming June elections.

Together in our strive to seek victory for our party: we are all winners in the struggles to regain victory for the APC party and for our nation. As we have been clamouring for the party to remain united and letting every comrade have a fair chance on a levelled playing field; knowing that victory for anyone of us is victory to all of us and our nation.
known adage that ‘A HOUSE DIVIDED BY ITSELF CANNOT STAND’, So United We Stand and Divided We Fall! If that is so, we want to call on all APC party members to put hands on deck, rally around our current leadership to attain a deserving victory for not only the APC, but the entire nation of Sierra Leone.

Long Live the APC!
Long Live the Membership!
And Long Live the Nation of Sierra Leone.

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