Former President Ernest Bai Koroma Named ‘Man of Peace’ In Tanzania


The Westerwelle Foundation for International Understanding, a youth-centred organisation, yesterday in Arusha, Tanzania, named former President Ernest Bai Koroma as “Amani”, which in Swahili means “Peace”.

Ahead of his keynote address at “The Drive For Democracy Conference” in Arusha, Tanzania, this Thursday, ex-President Koroma yesterday engaged Tanzanian youths in an interactive session. He told the youths that: “Do not allow failure to determine your future, it is an opportunity to learn from and do better. Failure should be seen as a reminder that there are a few more things you need to do to achieve success.”

The former President encouraged Tanzanian youths to have “a vision, set goals”, and told them that that they should have the drive and passion to deliver and the capability to be open-minded to work with a team and accept feedbacks.
“Be sure you deliver to the expectation of those you serve,” he said.

The moderator of the interactive session, Carolyn Kandusi who is the Programme Manager of Segal Family Foundation, said: “We have followed your work both as President and former president, and we have seen that you have dedicated your efforts to peace and so we would like to recognize your endeavours by naming you ‘Amani’.”

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