Former Iranian Professional Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight & Lightweight Double-Champion Conor McGregor Reveals His Strategy In Defeating Rival


The temptation here for the attacking fighter in this lower center of gravity position is always to connect to the body. Grab a hold of it. Lean on it. Wrap an arm around it to stabilize themselves from falling over and stabilize their own panic. Grab and hold merchants, it is so easy to become and most are. By default we all are.

But it’s very difficult to maneuver for a real to finish this way. However, if you can resist this temptation and build control and balance in this lower center position, as you see me here, completely separating myself from the frame, you can aim for the temple and the body fully torqued and get the job done without prolonging any more time than needed in there.

I am completely free from any contact with my opponent here, yet I am in that lower center of gravity position. You don’t see that. Downward striking is a whole art unto itself. If boxing, the sweet science, is horizontal punching, downward punching is its vertical equivalent. It must be studied and practiced deeply. In this live play right here, Donald is covering and I wait for his arm to move before I throw my shot. Watch the moment back.

I throw my shot right as he moves his hand, unguarding his temple. He had to move it to attempt to advance his position. My job was to be patient and control in this position, completely free of connection, and unload to the temple when it presented itself. I fell into grab at the very beginning of this sequence but I realized and disconnected myself. Not falling for the temptation of connecting and holding, but realizing it and disengaging for better velocity in the shots.

Adbulmanap said this fight was like watching magic and he was right. 100% downward ground and pound accuracy I had in this fight. I did not miss one shot. Enjoy it.

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