For Obstructing Justice, Sierra Leone Police Probe Orange SL For Refusing To Handover The Call Data For Eighty Subscribers


The Criminal Investigations Department of the Sierra Leone Police are currently investigating the top management of Orange Sierra Leone for obstructing the course of justice by refusing to cooperate with the special investigating committee set up by the Government of Sierra Leone in the aftermath of the 10th August violent insurrection.
Police sources have confirmed that Orange SL is refusing to hand over the call data for eighty subscribers who are of interest to investigators. “This has frustrated the work of the special investigating committee set up by the Government to investigate all those who had a role to play in the violent insurrection that took place on 10th August 2022”, a senior Police officer told the Global Times last night.
The special investigating committee is interested in talking to Edward Sesay (former Managing Director of SIERRATEL) who is now the Director of Business Development at Orange SL. It is believed that Mr. Sesay has refused to hand over the call data of the eighty suspected subscribers for political reasons. He is reported to be an ardent supporter of the main opposition APC party.
Orange SL top management officials are claiming that between 4th August and 2nd September 2022 their Call Data Register (CDR) developed some technical difficulty which led to the delay in handing over the call data of the eighty subscribers.
Police have so far obtained a statement from Orange SL and their investigation is underway.
Orange SL was last year accused of espionage activities which led to the recall of its Senegalese Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Aminata Kane Ndiaye. A new CEO, a Guinean, was appointed by Orange Headquarters to hurriedly replace Mrs. Aminata Ndiaye who had fallen out with the government.
A spokeswoman for Orange SL told the Global Times on Saturday that they were cooperating with the Police.
Investigations continue. ©️Global Times Newspaper

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