“ Femi Claudius Cole, Are Merely Cheap Pawns For them On The Political Chess Game “ Sylvia Olayinka Blyden


The Holy Bible says God uses signs from the Skies to speak to mortals. Today’s heavy Rain across Freetown is telling Freetown Women to avoid LAWLESS street protests. God is guiding you to follow Proven Leaders who will guide this Nation along LAWFUL, safe pathways and show you how to effect Change in a law-abiding manner; away from anarchy, nihilism and pogrom. May your ears and eyes be opened to understand today’s message of Heavy Rains across Freetown.

The Holy Bible teaches from the first book of Genesis through the Old Testament into the New Testament and down into the last book of Revelation that God will use signs from the Skies to communicate with us, His people. So to my mind, God in the Spiritual Realm did not endorse today’s failed Street Protest that sought to use our Women as fodder.

Thank you to WOMEN’S FORUM for the show of leadership in condemning Lawlessness by a female political leader. I applaud the Brilliant press release signed by the President of Women’s Forum, Mrs. Sally N. Adams.

Let me, like I did yesterday, make an appeal to the Police to grant Bail to the misguided Femi Claudius Cole who is now joined in detention by those additional poor Women who did not know what the Laws say about how and when citizens can jump out to protest along the Streets.

Those ‘Leaders’ who should guide our Women, failed them. Those ‘Leaders’ who should guide our Women, preferred to sacrifice the women as fodder whilst they stayed safely away overseas or stay here ensconced in their local mansions. The women, including the innocuous Femi Claudius Cole, are merely cheap pawns for them on the political chess game.

May God continue to protect this 🇸🇱country and may we all find time to PAUSE and listen when the Skies speak to us. The skies spoke across Freetown today. God bless us all. Amen.

Femi Claudius Cole the leader of Unity political party
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