“ECOWAS Statement is the BEST of all Statements today from Diplomatic & International Community about attempted overthrow of our elected 🇸🇱Government.” Sylvia Olayinka Blyden


Sierra Leone’s Popular Politician and Publisher of Awareness Times Newspaper, Sylvia Olayinka Blyden express dissatisfaction with Statements from the Diplomatic & International Community about the August 8 Demonstration and the attempted overthrow of the constitutional elected Government In Sierra Leone

Sylvia Olayinka Blyden interpreted the various statements from Diplomatic and different International Communities

Unlike UN, UK, EU & USA Statements which seek to obfuscate the issues, the statement issued by ECOWAS does not pussyfoot around. The ECOWAS Statement is the BEST of all Statements today from the Diplomatic & International Community about the attempted overthrow of our elected 🇸🇱Government.

ECOWAS has issued a highly merited STRONG CONDEMNATION of today’s unacceptable Lawlessness and Violence that broke out in Sierra Leone.

Let’s now look at the other statements.

I wonder if my friends at the U.S. Embassy also would be okay to describe those criminals in America who attempted to take over Congress on January 6th, 2021 to be one of “sides” to call on to exercise restraints.

The UN Statement is particularly hypocritical and so Ridiculous! After the U.N. stayed SILENT whilst the tweet of Clement Voule got grossly misinterpreted to mean the U.N. supports the violent overthrow of our democratically elected President, we see the U.N. Resident Coordinator now calling for dialogue whilst downplaying the criminal nature of what unfolded today. But the dialogue between Who and Who please?

The tweet of Babatunde Ahonsi U.N. Resident Coordinator to Sierra Leone

Thankfully, ECOWAS does not elevate hitherto faceless Criminals to the rank of “Civil Society” like the British High Commission has unfortunately done. ECOWAS does not infra-dig itself to labelling those faceless Criminals as persons to engage as dialogue partners.

The UN’s Babatunde Ahonsi says he wants to facilitate dialogue so maybe Ahonsi knows the faceless Criminals hiding behind the ‘King Adebayo’ phenomenon. Let’s watch him and see. He may soon tell us who he wants this Dialogue to hold with.

Let me sign off Facebook for tonight. Take note that I sign off as a very disgusted private citizen who is thankful that I’m not fettered by being a Government official who has to engage in diplomatic niceties – because those statements from those four Diplomatic Missions are too tepid for my comfort. We don’t deserve this from the UN, UK, EU, and USA. We deserve better. We deserved a very robust condemnation of unconscionable violence. Goodnight.

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