Check out release date for Nack remix by Singer The Therapist Featuring Mayorkun


Singer The Therapist Ft. Mayorkun – Nack ( Remix)

Popular trending Sierra Leonean Singer, The Therapist is closing out 2022 by turning up the amount of releases, possibly trying to inch his way further up by featuring popular Nigerian born singer Mayorkun in his latest Nack remix. Following up the release of Nack track with produced by Cribs International.

Dropped on March 17, 2022 under the management of Cribs International, Salone Messenger reported that Nack is now one of the Top 10 trending songs on various streaming platforms. Not only that, it has also made the Top 5 video contributing songs on Tiktok. With over two million followers, The Therapist’s strong presence on TikTok has been brought to bear on the single, which, according to music critics, is bound to be an award winning club banger. The musician, who is currently studying Architecture at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, rose to fame from being a Tiktoker doing short dance moves and skits to singer and rapper.

Singer The Therapist has turned to popular born Nigeria singer, songwriter and pianist Mayorkun (Aka – Mayor of Lagos) to remix his debut track Nack. Following up his earlier release of “Nack,” this time he takes on Nigeria singer, songwriter and pianist Mayorkun (Aka – Mayor of Lagos), to remix “Nack.”  
Taking up on his Instagram, singer
The Therapist said
“3 days till this masterpiece drops’

Cribs international, the management of the Singer The Therapist earlier today, Wednesday posted that The Therapist is sets to release snippet of Nack Remix featuring a Nigerian artist

After affirming himself a TikTok sensation doing short dance moves and skits, Sierra Leonean singer, rapper and songwriter, Jacob Alexander Evangelista aka The Therapist whose first debut song, Nack hits millions of streams across popular streaming platforms had released snippet of his remix song Nack with no sound causing so much reactions.

Taking on social media, Cribs International made this announcement stating that The Therapist, who is signed under their management was set to release the remix of his debut single Nack tonight, featuring a new artist in which they ask a trigging question of name of the artist featured. “The Therapist Is releasing snippet of his nack remix tonight , Guess who the feature artist ?” They posted.

Born and raised in Hill station, Freetown, Sierra Leone, Jacob Alexander Evangelista popularly known on Tik Tok as The Therapist is Sierra Leonean Musician, Tik Tok sensation, influencer and content creator. Jacob’s  contents include freestyle trends, dance & lip syncing. The Therapist has one of the the most trending songs in Africa titled “Nack”. Speaking to Salone Messenger Media about his inspiration in joining Tik Tok platform, he said, “ it was through a challenge with my friend. I told my friend that I can get over 10,000 followers in 7days but my friend denied and so we placed a bet that if win, he will get me a pizza. I won. That is how my Tik Tok journey started”

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