Audiofrica Celebrates 5 Years of Excellence


As part of their strides to give voice to African music, Audiofrica, a music streaming platform that let artists earn from their talents online has on 29th July 2022, celebrated five (5) years of excellence service delivery in the entertainment industry. The celebration was held at #9 love lane off Wilberforce Tengbeh Town ,corporate office.

Popular Tv host , Ellen Keister, sound engineer Nashito Kulala and traditional folk singer Fantacee Wiz were guest speakers of the event and send strong message for Sierra Leonean entertainers to embrace audiofrica as it new feature added takes Sierra Leonean musics to the global audience. Check out what they said at the celebration.

In his statement, the Chief Executive Officer of Audiofrica, Alhasan Bakarr Hafiz Kanu Sr. noted that they were very happy to celebrate three (3) years of excellence in service delivery, adding that inasmuch as they are celebrating 3 years of excellence they want to assure all that Audiofrica will continue to promote young entertainers across the country and give voice to African music.

He said that Audiofricawas built as a website and mobile application that enables artists to upload songs and for consumers to listen to them, while consumers have access to play and buy music on their platform.
African artists can get paid for their music being played or streamed on Audiofrica, according to Alhasan Bakarr Hafiz Kanu Sr further adding that Audiofrica is Africa’s number one Music & Entertainment Platform and Mobile App.
He noted that they are proud to say their platform has been used by many people across the country, Africa and the world as a whole divulging that they currently have over 2 Million Audios and Videos stream with over 200,000 combined followers on their social media pages, mainly on Facebook and 12,000 members/users with 8,200+who are active from 35 different countries.
Alhasan Bakarr Hafiz Kanu revealed that they have over 3000 Articles on the platform and about 275 who are active and that average age of listeners is between the ages of 17-45 years and members/users listen to music for 1 hour and 5 minutes respectively over Twenty Million paid to pay-per-stream subscribers.

He pointed out that at Audiofrica; they provide Entertainers the platform to make a living from their music and in that regard he called on all to join them by downloading the app available on AppStore and Play Store and start making money without breaking any sweat of which he said this is something they need to celebrate in the entertainment industry furthering that Audiofrica is the future of Sierra Leone and Africa Entertainment industry.
Alhasan Bakarr Hafiz Kanu maintained that Audiofrica Stream music, videos anywhere, anytime, offline and artists can create account, upload, offer free downloads, sell, earn 70% -100% and in that regard he ended by encouraging young entertainers to join Audiofrica to take their music global and earn income through services offered.

Edward B. Conteh Manager of Audiofrica said that students can also benefit by downloading their apps saying the apps are meant for various levels of education.
In trying to identify them he said they have the Abcfrica+ which is meant for adult learners. He disclosed that Techfrica has a lot of goodies and services that they will render to the public,
He said Techfrica also provides services for entertainers who want trustworthy people to entrust their tickets. Based on what he said theyhave partners in Calaba town and some parts of Freetown.
According to him, Techfrica also makes way for young entertainers to make money and also gain fame.

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